January 2002

Slashdot: Blender Releases Linux 3D Web Plugin Posted Thursday, January 31, 2002 @ 8:26 AM by mayhem
Not a Number, producer of Blender, the Linux communitys favorite professional 3D Package (get it for free) has released the beta of their 3D Web Plugin for Netscape 6.1 / Mozilla on Linux/Unix. It offers full integration of Blender's realtime 3D enviroment based applications into the browsers enviroment. Including OpenGL acceleration and all. Check out the Demos. Feedback on the beta-release is welcome and kindly requested on the Blender Community Discussion Board.
Linux Kernel 2.5.3 Released Posted Thursday, January 31, 2002 @ 8:23 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3 Linux Kernel from here or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors, changelog:
- Doug Ledford: i810 audio driver update
- Evgeniy Polyakov: update various SCSI drivers to new locking
- David Howells: syscall latency improvement, try 2
- Francois Romieu: dscc4 driver update
- Patrick Mochel: driver model fixes
- Andrew Morton: clean up a few details in ext3 inode initialization
- Pete Wyckoff: make x86 machine check print out right address..
- Hans Reiser: reiserfs update
- Richard Gooch: devfs update
- Greg KH: USB updates
- Dave Jones: PNPBIOS
- Nathan Scott: extended attributes
- Corey Minyard: clean up zlib duplication (triplication..)
Slashdot: Sony Announces Version 1.0 Of Linux for Playstation 2 Posted Thursday, January 31, 2002 @ 2:03 AM by mayhem
Sony has announced the May 2002 release of Linux (for Playstation 2) Release 1.0." He quotes from the press release: "The company expects the kit to sell for about $199 USD when it is made available in May 2002 exclusively through its website, http://www.us.playstation.com.
Avocent Provides Australia's Brisbane City Council with DS1800 Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2002 @ 10:34 AM by mayhem
Today Avocent Corporation announced that Brisbane, Australia's City Council, which serves more than 860,000 residents, has selected Avocent's DS1800 KVM OVER IPT switching system for reliable access and control of more than 150 servers in its main data center.

Avocent's DS1800 is a digital KVM OVER IP switching system that provides BIOS level control of any server using standard TCP/IP connections. The DS1800 system provides administrators access to a virtually an unlimited number of servers or devices in their network, from their desk, in the NOC or from any location in the world.
Slashdot: Linus Does Not Scale Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2002 @ 10:31 AM by mayhem
Seems like everybody's getting more and more frustrated by Linus' (in-) ability to handle patches. Rob Landley just wrote an "RFC on Penguin Patch Management" wherein he proposes a "Penguin Patch Lieutenant" system that he believes would scale better. The full discussion can be found on the Linux kernel mailing list. Linus seems to dislike it, as usual, source code maintenance tools/organization are for wimps!, but a lot of others find it a good idea. Anyway, it's a very good read.
Slashdot: Mandrake Releases 8.2 Beta Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 @ 10:36 PM by mayhem
As seen at Mandrake's website, Mandrake Linux 8.2 Beta seems to be available for download at different places. The new features include the ability to install a Mandrake as small as 65Mb on the HD, and encrypted file-system support. I guess it's the good time to report all bugs we don't want to see in the final version. Very promising release, worth a look at!
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre6 Patch Now Available Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 @ 11:58 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3-pre6 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Asit Mallick: mtrr update
- Patrick Mochel: split up kernel/device.c into drivers/base
- Mikael Pettersson/Al Viro: fix missing in-core inode initialization
in ext2 introduced by Al's inode trimming
- David Miller: sparc and network updates
- Frank Davis: firewire video mmap page remapping fix
- me: fix configure help scripts to fix breakage noticed by Dave Jones
- Greg KH: USB updates
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN fixes, Config.help entries
- Douglas Gilbert: SCSI doc update
- Ingo Molnar: x86 taskswitch optimizations, scheduler updates
- Mikael Pettersson: make APIC work on old external setups
- Al Viro: more inode trimming
NewsForge: Apache 1.3.23 released Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 @ 12:52 AM by mayhem
Apache 1.3.23 was released on the 24th January 2002. This release addresses some minor bugs found in the 1.3.22 release, and adds some new features, including HTTP/1.1 support for mod_proxy.

This is just one of the many items of this weeks ApacheWeek.
NewsForge Review: LindowsOS sneak preview - it's not vaporware after all Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 @ 12:51 AM by mayhem
"...Keeping in mind that this is an early beta of LindowsOS, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, who is Michael Robertson targeting? Once the Windows user gets LindowOS installed, he's looking at an interface that is, while similar to Windows, a foreign one. I already knew how to look for a console or get out of the GUI, and how to set up the network parameters -- even though this was about a two-click process, a newbie isn't going to just know how to do it. There's no help on the Lindows site or within the desktop, either. There's no interactive forum or official tech support avenue other than a feedback form at Lindows.com.
There's something scary about an imaginary LindowsOS-from-Windows convert, happily running as root, downloading emails with infected .exe or .pif screensavers attached -- or even with infected .rpms. Oh well, as long as it's not in my house. Our Insider got Outlook running and found that yes, it would happily execute common worms. But remember, he couldn't get his Norton antivirus program to work. LindowsOS developers may want to work with one of the antivirus software publishers to correct this before they release their product to the general public.

Linux users will find this preview fun to play with, but LindowsOS appears to be hampered without a Windows partition, which defeats the implied purpose of Lindows: to be able to freely run all Windows apps on Linux with no need for Windows. To reach Linux people, this needs to be a true Linux -- easy to install but configurable; transparent to the user so that if he chooses to make changes he can; and secure -- unless Robertson is only seeking previous Windows users who are not interested in configurability and security. And if that is the case, I wonder what benefit Robertson thinks there is for these people to switch to LindowsOS?"

Full story can be found here.
Slashdot: Red Hat Network for the Masses Posted Monday, January 28, 2002 @ 12:51 AM by mayhem
A few months ago I sent some feedback to RedHat concerning their then $30/month RHN subscription service. I asked them to consider offering a $5/month low end version more suitable for home users with multiple computers. I'm sure that a plenty of other people offered the same suggestion, but I was still surprised when I opened my email this morning and found that the exact service I asked for is not only being offered, but that fast access to iso images has been added as well, among other improvements. I guess I now have to put my money where my mouth is :) Seriously though, this should be good news for people who download RedHat's .iso images but want to financially support RedHat in a way that makes sense.
Slashdot: Borland C++ For Linux Posted Saturday, January 26, 2002 @ 2:52 AM by mayhem
Looks like Borland is going to be releasing C++ for Linux, according to this InfoWorld article. We'll be seeing more details at LinuxWorld in NY next week. The article doesn't mention whether this will be C++ Builder for Linux, or 'just' a command line compiler. No matter what, this is a sweet thing. I wonder how it will compare to gcc? (I wonder if it will be able to compile the kernel? :-) ) If it's the whole C++ Builder shebang, I wonder if there will be an Open Edition? Borland's Community site has a blurb about this. There's no comments at the Borland community yet, but some interesting commentary might pop up there.
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre5 Patch Now Available Posted Friday, January 25, 2002 @ 9:16 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3-pre5 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Patrick Mochel: devicefs locking cleanups, refcount fixes
- Brian Gerst: apic timer cleanup
- Adam Richter: fix loop over block device bio breakage, ipfwadm compile fix
- me: split up Configure.help over the subdirectories where it is used
- Peter Anvin: bootproto v2.03
- Jeff Garzik: net driver updates
- NIIBE Yutaka: SuperH update
NewsForge Interview: What's going on with Lindows.com Posted Friday, January 25, 2002 @ 2:05 AM by mayhem
The Edge Report has posted an interview with Cheryl Schwarzman of Lindows.com. The interview talks about the inspiration for LindowsOS, how Lindows will approach the community, its feelings about Open Source, and an unanswered question: how will Lindows.com handle source code distribution?
NewsForge: CRUX Linux 0.9.2 review Posted Friday, January 25, 2002 @ 2:03 AM by mayhem
Laurence Hunter writes: "Recently I gave a favourable review of the lightweight, i686-optimised Linux distribution, CRUX 0.9.1. I also mentioned that CRUX 0.9.2 was to be released before the end of January, 0.9.1 having been released on October 3rd. On the 20th January to my joy, the 0.9.2 ISO was released. Read the review, here."
Linux Kernel 2.2.21-pre2 Patch Now Available Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 5:04 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.2.21-pre2 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
o Fix non blocking midi close on es1370, es1371 (me)
o Update osst driver (Willem Riede)
o Update machine check support in 2.2 to match 2.4(Dave Jones)
o Additional P4, Rise, Winchip handling for setup (Dave Jones)
o Fix extended MMX initialisation on Cyrix MII (me)
o Backport a lot of x86 setup (cache size etc) (Dave Jones)
o ISDN cleanups (Kai Germaschewski)
o Backport eicon driver fixes (Kai Germaschewski)
o ISDN ppp fixes (Andre Beck)
o Fix timeout handling in eicon driver (Kai Germaschewski)
o Fix null pointer bug in isdnloop (Kai Germaschewski)
o Menuconfig refresh fixup (Willy Tarreau)
o Modular ati frame buffer build fix (Krzysztof Taraszka)
o Backport VIA chipset fixes to 2.2 (me)
o Make DCD high->low work on SX16 with CLOCAL set (Ado Arnolds)
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre4 Patch Now Available Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 5:03 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3-pre4 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Patrick Mochel: initcall levels
- Patrick Mochel: devicefs updates, add PCI devices into the hierarchy
- Denis Oliver Kropp: neomagic fb driver
- David Miller: sparc64 and network updates
- Kai M臾isara: scsi tape update
- Al Viro: more inode trimming, VFS cleanup
- Greg KH: USB update - proper urb allocations
- Eric Raymond: kdev_t updates for fb devices
Linux Kernel 2.4.18-pre7 Patch Now Available Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 5:01 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.18-pre7 Kernel patch from here, changelog:

- Make ext2/minix/sysvfs actually operate
synchronously on directories when using
the sync mount option (Andrew Morton)
- AFFS update (Roman Zippel)
- Fix 3dfx fb crash with high pixelclock (Jurriaan on Alpha)
- PATH_MAX POSIX compliance (Rusty Russell)
- Really apply AMD Elan patch (me)
- Don't drop IP packets with less than 8 bytes
of payload (David S. Miller)
- Netfilter update (Netfilter team)
- Backport 2.5 sb_bread() changes (Alexander Viro)
- Fix AF_UNIX fd leak (David S. Miller)
- Add Audigy Gameport PCI ID (Daniel Bertrand)
- Sync with ia64 arch independant parts (Keith Owens)
- APM fixes (Stephen Rothwell)
- fs/super.c cleanups (Alexander Viro)
Slashdot: Professional Linux Programming Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 2:29 AM by mayhem
Large programming books have a special sort of gravitational pull to them. It's a sort of siren's song for us techie types, with lyrics promising an endless fountain of information, more than you could ever possibly hope to use, superfluous only in the same way that you don't plan on reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica cover-to-cover anytime soon, either.

Unfortunately, this branch of the publishing industry responsible for these books is well aware of this, and as such there's a veritable critical mass of crap in that corner of the bookstore, some of it reading like blood being squeezed from a stone, with any number of useless chapters thrown in there just to meet some predefined page quota. Which is why it's such a relief to get a book like Professional Linux Programming that's 1155 pages long and contains a ton of material, with very little of it page-filler. Unless you already know it all, there is something valuable in this book for just about every Linux developer out there.

Full information available here.
Slashdot: Mega Public WAN In Sydney Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 2:28 AM by mayhem
"As posted on CFGN - The Nation, gibed by the recent unreasonable price hikes in Broadband connectivity in Australia, which come already after a strained relationship between Broadband users and the major telco/ISP Telstra BigPond Internet, a group of people in the largest Australian metropolitan city of Sydney have decided to form a city wide amateur wireless network. The team behind this clever idea have also put up a detailed graphical database of people interested and are still looking for more numbers to get this off the ground." This last part reminds me of the Global Access Wireless Database, as featured here.
Slashdot: Linux Desktop Clustering - Pick Your Pricerange Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 11:57 AM by mayhem
A Linux cluster on the desktop--Rocket Calc just announced their 8-processor "personal" cluster in a mid-tower-sized box. Starting at $4500, you get 8 Celeron 800MHz processors, each with 256MB RAM and a 100Mbps ethernet connection. The box also has an integrated 100Mbps switch. Plus it's sexy. Perhaps less sexy, but for a lot less money, you can also run a cluster of Linux (virtual) machines on your desktop on middle-of-the-road hardware. See this followup on Grant Gross's recent piece on Virtual Machines over at Newsforge.
Slashdot: Custom OpenBSD 3.0 with IPFilter From Darren Reed Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 11:55 AM by mayhem
Darren Reed, the author of IPFilter, has created his own release of OpenBSD which puts IPFilter back in. IPFilter was removed from OpenBSD 3.0 by the OpenBSD team due to license issues. See his newsgroup posting that announces it here. Here's the whole thread for some more information.
Linux Kernel 2.4.18-pre6 Now Available Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 11:49 AM by mayhem
You can download the 2.4.18-pre6 Kernel patch from here, changelog:

- Removed Andi Kleen patch in icmp code: its
not needed and causes problems (me)


- Include missing radeonfb defines (Erik Andersen)
- Fix fs/buffer.c thinko introduced in pre4 (Andrew Morton)
- USB bugfixes (Greg KH)
- Make fat work correctly with gcc-3.0.x (Tom Rini)
- Avoid overusage of the vmalloc area by
NTFS (Anton Altaparmakov)
- atyfb: Decrease clock rate for 3d RAGE XL (David S. Miller)
- Sungem driver bugfixes (David S. Miller)
- More networking updates (David S. Miller)
- More SPARC updates (David S. Miller)
- devfs update (Richard Gooch)
- Reiserfs expanding truncate fix (Chris Mason)
- ext3 update (Andrew Morton/Stephen Tweedie)
- Add support to WDIOC_SETTIMEOUT on several
watchdog drivers (Joel Becker)
- dl2k driver update (Jeff Garzik)
- Orinoco driver update (David Gibson)
- Radeonfb driver update (Ani Joshi)
- Avoid free_swap_and_cache() from leaving
freeable pages on the cache (Hugh Dickins)
- Add workarounds for AMD Elan processors (Robert Schwebel)
- Random pmac driver bugfixing (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- emu10k1 driver update (Rui Sousa)
Slashdot: Plug-n-Play Server And Network Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 2:59 AM by mayhem
The IMASS is a server for the technophobes. Built on a Linux OS, it autodetects network segments in less than 5 minutes, and sets up DHCP, DNS, FTP, Email, file sharing, firewall, NAT, internet access, dial-up, etc. almost automagically. Pluses include a solid state drive for the OS, so the hard drive is only used for file storage and backup (seperate 120GB hard drive for backups.) seems to be just what some of my clients need to finally convince them that Linux CAN be easier to use than Windows, and they can, for the most part, manage the network themselves! Check out a review from PCMagazine.
KernelTrap: Technical Problems Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 2:15 AM by mayhem
Hello. KernelTrap is going through growing pains. We will be relocating too a new server soon - hopefully by February 1'st. From now until then, updates to this site will be infrequent. Read the full details here.

The moderated announce-only interview-announce mailing list is functional again. If you were unable to sign up before, please try again.
XFree86 4.2.0 Release Available Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2002 @ 2:03 AM by mayhem
4.2.0 is the new full release of XFree86. See our release plans for scheduled updates and future releases.

Release information available here.
Download from the ftp or any mirror site.
MyCareer: Linux serves up the Open Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2002 @ 11:01 PM by mayhem
IBM has thrown its weight behind the GNU/Linux operating system in a very public way, using the free software competitor to Microsoft's Windows to manage the Australian Open tennis tournament website.

It's a risk putting the free software system under strain in such a visible environment, but one IBM is comfortable with, says corporate affairs executive John Harvey.

"We need a demonstration example of how to use Linux in an operational environment to show it works," Harvey says

Full article is available here.
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre3 Now Available Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2002 @ 2:07 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3-pre3 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Al Viro: VFS inode allocation moved down to filesystem, trim inodes
- Greg KH: USB update, hotplug documentation
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update
- Ingo Molnar: scheduler tweaking ("J2")
- Arnaldo: emu10k kdev_t updates
- Ben Collins: firewire updates
- Björn Wesen: cris arch update
- Hal Duston: ps2esdi driver bio/kdev_t fixes
- Jean Tourrilhes: move wireless drivers into drivers/net/wireless,
update wireless API #1
- Richard Gooch: devfs race fix
- OGAWA Hirofumi: FATFS update
Slashdot: Pity Broadband Users In Australia Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2002 @ 12:39 AM by mayhem
"Pity Australians who have few other choices for their broadband internet than the country's incumbent telco Telstra. A broadband community website, Whirlpool, has revealed that the giant telco is planning to RAISE prices on broadband again for the second time in just a few months. The telco, which has had a technically disastrous ADSL rollout is also going to be offering incentives for customers to sign up to its cable internet service (HFC) instead, in the form of faster plans for cable customers (until now most customers -- cable and ADSL -- have been limited to 512Kbit download speeds). It seems clear from Telstra's plans that they are preparing to abandon the 'messy' residential broadband market and focus on more profitable business customers." In the next few weeks, lucky Australians will find out if this "leak" is accurate.
Slashdot: Major Linux/Athlon CPU bug discovered Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2002 @ 12:36 AM by mayhem
I recently installed the nVidia drivers so I could play TuxRacer on my Athlon. Problem is it kept inexplicably hanging Linux. Now I know why. The CPU bug affects Athlon/Duron/Athlon MP AGP users. Fortunately there's a way around it, and: "Alan [Cox] is going to try to add some kind of Athlon/AGP CPU bug detection code to the kernel so that it will be able to auto-downgrade to 4K pages when necessary." Read more on the Gentoo Linux site.
Slashdot Your Rights Online: Censoring Australian Censors' Blacklist Posted Monday, January 21, 2002 @ 2:14 PM by mayhem
'Your access to the Web is being censored by the Government -- but it refuses to reveal exactly what it is we are not allowed to see.' Despite the attempts of Electronic Frontiers Australia in obtaining a copy of the Australian Internet black-list, the Australian government is still refusing to release the list to the public. This is in stark contrast to the situation for film classification, where the list is freely available. Article here.
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre2 Patch Available Posted Monday, January 21, 2002 @ 10:19 AM by mayhem
You can download the 2.5.3-pre2 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- David Howells: abtract out "current->need_resched" as "need_resched()"
- Frank Davis: ide-tape update for bio
- various: header file fixups
- Jens Axboe: fix up bio/ide/highmem issues
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update
- Greg KH: USB and Compaq PCI hotplug updates
- Tim Waugh: parport update
- Patrick Mochel: initcall levels
AOL in negotiations to buy Red Hat Posted Monday, January 21, 2002 @ 10:13 AM by mayhem
Lunatic writes: "This article refers to talks between AOL and Red Hat over the purchase of Red Hat. That might sound bad initially, until you realise that if AOL had a Linux distribution then there would be a huge increase in Linux users since Linux would be installed by those "Free AOL Trial CDs".

More info at the Article Link: http://www.washtech.com/news/media/14759-1.html"
Kernel.org Down Posted Sunday, January 20, 2002 @ 4:10 AM by mayhem
It seems that www.kernel.org is down and has been that was for the last 24 hours or so. Wonder if they are have server or router problems again.
Pinging kernel.org [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms
Update: "The Linux Kernel Archives is currently offline due to a hardware failure."
The Sorcerer GNU Linux Distribution Posted Saturday, January 19, 2002 @ 1:33 PM by mayhem
Would you like a Linux distribution which is 100% optimised for your hardware? Would you like one which includes the very latest software packages as they are released by their respective maintainers? How would you feel if we told you about a Linux distribution where the entire download-compile-install process of any software (including the Linux Kernel, glibc, GCC, KDE) is done by one simple command? Intrigued? Then read on. Welcome to the magic world of Sorcerer GNU Linux!

Full article is avialable here.
Slashdot: GNOME 2.0 Desktop Alpha Posted Friday, January 18, 2002 @ 4:20 PM by mayhem
The first public testing release of the GNOME 2.0 Desktop, 'Rolig Liten Hattgubbe,' is ready for your testing pleasure! It is available for immediate download here. Please read the release notes first! Due for general consumption in March, the GNOME 2.0 Desktop is a greatly improved user environment for existing GNOME applications. Enhancements include anti-aliased text and first class internationalisation support, new accessibility features for disabled users, and many improvements throughout GNOME's highly regarded user interface.
Slashdot: 2.4, The Kernel of Pain Posted Friday, January 18, 2002 @ 1:56 AM by mayhem
Joshua Drake has written an article for LinuxWorld.com called The Kernel of Pain. He seems to think 2.4 is fine for desktop systems but is only now, after a year of release, approaching stability for high-end use. Slashdot has had its own issues with 2.4, so I know where he's coming from. What have your experiences been? Is it still too soon for 2.4?
NewsForge: Microsoft builds the government Linux market Posted Thursday, January 17, 2002 @ 1:07 AM by mayhem
I've been reading with amusement a serious of pronouncements by Microsoft executives about how they have targeted Linux for extinction. The sales and marketing machine at Microsoft is going to go into high gear, we are told, to kill off Linux the way the company extinguished Netscape, Novell and a host of other competitors. The only problem with Microsoft strategy is that the competition is coming from a lot of sources, some of it is really, really good, and, most importantly, another set of Microsoft policies is stimulating Linux sales across the globe.

Full story can be found here.
Slashdot: Rik van Riel on Kernels, VMs, and Linux Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 @ 3:58 PM by mayhem
An Interesting interview with Rik van Riel, the kernel developer, in which he talks about the Linux's VM, particurarly about his own implementation (which was recently adopted in Alan Cox's tree). With some controversy towards Linus Torvalds.
Slashdot: KernelTrap Interview With Alan Cox Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 @ 3:57 PM by mayhem
KernelTrap has spoken with Linux guru Alan Cox. He is perhaps the second most influental Linux kernel hacker, next only to Linus. In this interview he talks about himself, his history with computers and Linux, working for Red Hat, Marcello and the 2.4 kernel, the DMCA, the future of Linux and much more.
Linux Kernel 2.5.3-pre1 Patch Available Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 @ 11:35 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.3-pre1 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Al Viro: fix up silly problem in swapfile filp cleanups in 2.5.2
- Tachino Nobuhiro: fix another error return for swapfile filp code
- Robert Love: merge some of Ingo's scheduler fixes
- David Miller: networking, sparc and some scsi driver fixes
- Tim Waugh: parport update
- OGAWA Hirofumi: fatfs cleanups and bugfixes
- Roland Dreier: fix vsscanf buglets.
- Ben LaHaise: include file cleanup
- Andre Hedrick: IDE taskfile update
Linux Kernel 2.4.18-pre4 Patch Available Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 @ 11:34 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.18-pre4 Kernel patch from here, changelog:

- Networking updates (David S. Miller)
- clgenfb update (Jeff Garzik)
- 8139cp: make it faster (Jeff Garzik)
- 8139too: fix bugs, add experimental RX reset (Jeff Garzik)
- Add MII ethtool interface and change
several drivers to support that (Jeff Garzik)
- Fix ramdisk corruption problems (Andrea Arcangeli)
- Correct in-kernel MS_ASYNC behaviour
on msync/fsync() (Andrew Morton)
- Fix PLIP problems (Niels Jensen)
- Fix problems triggered by the "fsx test"
on smbfs (Urban Widmark)
- Turn on OOSTORE for IDT winchip (from -ac tree)
- Fix iphase crash (from -ac tree)
- Fix crash with two mxser cards (from -ac tree)
- Fix tty write block bug (from -ac tree)
- Add mono/stereo detect to gemtek pci radio (from -ac tree)
- Fix sf16fmi crash on load (from -ac tree)
- add CP1250 (windows eastern european)
translation table (from -ac tree)
- cs46xx driver update (from -ac tree)
- Fix rare data loss case with RAID-1 (Ingo Molnar)
- Add 2.5.x compatibility for the kdev_t
changes (me)
- SPARC updates (David S. Miller)
Slashdot: LindowsOS.com Email Lists Collected For MS Suit Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2002 @ 4:54 PM by mayhem
Over at the LindowsOS website is a message from company chief Michael Robertson, who advises readers that, in the course of discovery for the ongoing lawsuit instigated by Microsoft against Lindows.com, the company was "compelled to disclose your email address to Microsoft." The email addresses aren't just those who have submitted product names with a connection to "Windows", but rather "everyone who had submitted their address asking to be signed up for the Lindows.com mailing list since we turned on the website," according to email from Robertson. He adds: "The information which Microsoft received in the list was name, email address and physical address. It was not just people that posted to our forum, but basically every address for every person that we had collected." (Note: If you'd like to contribute to the list of "Windows" products, it would be helpful to include more than just a product name photocopy -- e.g. a company name, URL, or photocopied manual.)
Linux Kernel 2.5.2 Released Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2002 @ 2:05 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.2 Linux Kernel from here or any of the mirror sites, changelog:
- Matt Domsch: combine common crc32 library
- Pete Zaitcev: ymfpci update
- Davide Libenzi: scheduler improvements
- Al Viro: almost there: "struct block_device *" everywhere
- Richard Gooch: devfs cpqarray update, race fix
- Rusty Russell: PATH_MAX should include the final '\0' count
- David Miller: various random updates (mainly net and sparc)
BPA Login Linux Setup Tutorial Posted Monday, January 14, 2002 @ 9:48 PM by mayhem
Linux@Home is now a proud mirror site of the BPA Login Tutorial for Linux setups of BigPond Advance Cable. We hope this information helps those BPA users setup Linux as their server. The tutorial and links can be found here.
Slashdot: Bridging the Digital Divide with Linux Posted Sunday, January 13, 2002 @ 11:29 PM by mayhem
I think you would be interested in a story on Advogato submitted today, discussing the digital divide and the role of Linux: "With respect to locating parts with lowered cost on software. There is one candidate the would evenly fit the requirement. As of this writing, there are several OS out there having those properties, but there is only one having a large developer base and community scattered around the globe that can act as support contacts. The name is called GNU/Linux. ... Bridging the Digital Divide requires an enormous amount of work for the techonology sector. A huge responsibility is placed on those who wish to take up the challenge. Current technologies in software, specifically, the Linux OS is a good candidate to play the role." Read the entire story.
Slashdot: Apache: Apache 2.0 vs. IIS Posted Sunday, January 13, 2002 @ 11:28 PM by mayhem
According to an item on InternetNews, the impending release of Apache 2.0 could very well mean the demise of IIS. Interestingly, the article asserts that Microsoft have already given up on IIS, the proof being its absence in XP Home and its non-standard presence in XP Pro. Apache.Net? Sounds catchy... That's a silly argument by the internetnews.com writer - IIS isn't in the Home edition because Microsoft wants to charge more for "server" operating systems, not because they're "admitting defeat". But it's a decent look at the upcoming Apache 2.0
KernelTrap.org: Preemptible Kernel Compatible With 0(1) Scheduler Posted Sunday, January 13, 2002 @ 10:43 PM by mayhem
Ever since interviewing Robert Love last October, I've added his preemptible kernel patch to all my running kernels, with great results. Ingo Molnar's recent O(1) scheduler has also looked attractive, but I've been waiting until it was compatible with Robert's patch before trying it. The wait is over.

This afternoon Robert announced the release of a O(1) scheduler compatible preemptible kernel patch for the stable 2.4 kernel tree and the 2.5 development kernel. He says,

"Getting the two to play together was not hard, albeit a bit of a pain. The actually scheduling support is less, due to the simplified schedule and schedule_tail, although there is added code for making the per-CPU runqueues preempt-safe."

What follows is Robert's announcement email, as well as Ingo's announcement of his -H6 version of the O(1) scheduler.

Full story available here.
Installation of NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD Posted Sunday, January 13, 2002 @ 3:45 AM by mayhem
For anyone wanting to try BSD then you might find the following four part article by www.bsdfreak.org rather interesting, it cover different installs of NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD and comments on each. Definately worth looking into for anyone interested in BSD.

Sections: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
Slashdot: Linuxwatch Budget System of 2001 Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 @ 6:36 PM by mayhem
Linuxwatch.org has posted their Budget System of 2001 in response to LinuxHardware's 2001 System of the year. Boasting their system is 13% of the price and plenty of power for "normal users". Running at 1.4Ghz with 256MB RAM, it doesn't seem to bad for "normal users"(whatever that means) IMHO.
Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r5 released Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 @ 2:42 PM by mayhem
This is the fifth revision of Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (codename `potato') which mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a few corrections of serious bugs. Those who frequently update from security.debian.org won't have to update many packages.

Upgrading to this revision online is usually done by pointing the `apt' package tool (see the sources.list(5) manual page) to one of Debian's many FTP or HTTP mirrors. A comprehensive list is available at: http://www.debian.org/distrib/ftplist

More information available in the Debian news release here.
NewsForge: PHP-Nuke 5.4 beta released Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 @ 1:35 AM by mayhem
PHP-Nuke is a Web portal and online community system which includes Web-based administration, surveys, access statistics, user customizable boxes, a themes manager for registered users, friendly administration GUI with graphic topic manager, the ability to edit or delete stories, an option to delete comments, a moderation system, referer tracking, integrated banner ad system, search engine, backend/headlines generation (RSS/RDF format), Web directory like Yahoo, events manager, and support for 20+ languages.
Linux Kernel 2.4.18-pre3 Patch Available Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 @ 1:23 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.18-pre3 Kernel patch from here, changelog:

- Cris arch merge (Bjorn Wesen)
- Finish PPC merge (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- Add Dell PowerEdge 2400 to
"use BIOS to reboot" blacklist (Arjan van de Ven)
- Avoid potential oops at module unload with
cyclades driver (Andrew Morton)
- Gracefully handle SCSI initialization
failures (Pete Zaitcev)
- USB update (Greg KH)
- Fix potential oops while ejecting ide cds (Zwane Mwaikambo)
- Unify page freeing codepaths (Benjamin LaHaise)
- Miata dma corruption workaround (Richard Henderson)
- Fix vmalloc corruption problem on machines
with virtual dcaches (Ralf Baechle)
- Reiserfs fixes (Oleg Drokin)
- DiskOnChip driver update (David Woodhouse)
- Do not inherit page locking rules across
fork/exec (Dave Anderson)
- Add DRM 4.0 for XFree 4.0 users convenience (Christoph Hellwig)
- Replace .text.lock with .subsection (Keith Owens)
- IrDA bugfixes (Jean Tourrilhes)
Slashdot: Simply GNUstep Delivers UNIX, Simply Posted Friday, January 11, 2002 @ 7:07 AM by mayhem
A new, Linux-based operating system released recently, called Simply GNUstep and it is based on the GNUstep architecture, originally built by NeXT (OpenSTEP) and is now also used by MacOSX (Cocoa). The alpha version of the x86-based OS is available for download and boots off the 110 MB bootable CD. The cool thing about Simply GNUstep is its partial source compatibility with MacOSX programs (further compatibility is still worked on) and its clean infrastructure, as it only includes GnuSTEP graphical applications like WindowMaker, Mail.app etc. You can read an introduction article of the OS at OSNews.
Slashdot: AMD Duron vs. Intel Celeron Posted Thursday, January 10, 2002 @ 1:17 PM by mayhem
With all the hype surrounding the new Athlon XP and P4 2.2 GHz, the more affordable processors have been ingnored. Tech-Report has a great article comparing the new AMD Duron and Intel Celeron. Both are now running at 1.2 GHz and have upgraded cache. The new Duron contains XP technology, while the Celeron is a PIII Tulatin with a 100MHz bus and built on the .13 micron process.
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre11 Patch Available Posted Thursday, January 10, 2002 @ 1:10 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.2-pre11 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Davide Libenzi, Ingo Molnar: scheduler updates
- Greg KH: USB update
- Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA and wireless updates
Hercules Game Theater XP & Hercules XPS-510 Speakers Review Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2002 @ 8:05 PM by mayhem
Recently we have had the privilage of reviewing both the Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1 and the Hercules XPS-510 Surround Sound Speakers, both of the products performed quite well and are reasonably priced for anyone looking into buying a new audio system for their computer.

Full review is available here.
Linux Kernel 2.4.18-pre2 Patch Available Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2002 @ 8:30 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.18-pre2 Kernel patch from here, changelog:

- APIC LVTERR fixes (Mikael Pettersson)
- Fix ppdev ioctl oops and deadlock (Tim Waugh)
- parport fixes (Tim Waugh)
- orinoco wireless driver update (David Gibson)
- Fix oopsable race in binfmt_elf.c (Alexander Viro)
- Small sx16 driver bugfix (Heinz-Ado Arnolds)
- sbp2 deadlock fix (Andrew Morton)
- Fix JFFS2 write error handling (David Woodhouse)
- Intermezzo update (Peter J. Braam)
- Proper AGP support for Intel 830MP chipsets (Nicolas Aspert)
- Alpha fixes (Jay Estabrook)
- 53c700 SCSI driver update (James Bottomley)
- Fix coredump mmap_sem deadlock on IA64 (David Mosberger)
- 3ware driver update (Adam Radford)
- Fix elevator insertion point on failed
request merge (Jens Axboe)
- Remove bogus rpciod_tcp_dispatcher definition (David Woodhouse)
- Reiserfs fixes (Oleg Drokin)
- de4x5 endianess fixes (Kip Walker)
- ISDN CAPI cleanup (Kai Germaschewski)
- Make refill_inactive() correctly account
progress (me)
NewsForge: Bluesocket uses embedded Linux to speed development for wireless gateways Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2002 @ 1:56 PM by mayhem
Companies using Bluesocket's wireless gateways may never know that there's Linux inside the box. But Bluesocket CTO Dave Juitt and his engineering staff are very aware of it; in fact, he deliberately chose Linux for use in the company's WG-1000 Wireless Gateway product, and is also looking ahead to using embedded Linux in its upcoming next-generation product.
NewsForge: Red Hat releases 64-bit Itanium version of Linux Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2002 @ 1:55 PM by mayhem
IDG News Service has more information from an earlier press release. Version 7.2 of Red Hat Linux for the Itanium processor uses the 2.4.9 Linux kernel and incorporates the same feature set as the general use version released in October.
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre10 Patch Available Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2002 @ 1:49 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.2-pre10 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
- Al Viro: start moving buffer cache indexing to "struct block_device *"
- Greg KH: USB update
- Russell King: fix up some ARM merge issues
- Ingo Molnar: scalable scheduler
SMH: Linux in hard fight for corporate acceptance Posted Monday, January 7, 2002 @ 10:13 PM by mayhem
Microsoft's Windows operating system and application price hikes are forcing cash-strapped businesses to take a fresh look at Linux. But after years of hype, is the rebel operating system finally ready to be treated seriously for business use? Analysts and major vendors, such as the Meta Group and IBM, are bullish about its future, claiming that the freely downloadable operating system will soon take off in business circles.

But according to Kieran O'Shaughnessy, regional general manager of Linux vendor Caldera, the problem with Linux in the past is that it has been cheap to acquire but expensive to run.

Full article information is avialable here.
LinuxLookup: Community consensus on CMS Posted Monday, January 7, 2002 @ 5:33 PM by mayhem
With so many great content management systems (CMS) out there many of you are wondering which is right for you, or would at least like a general consensus to sway your indecisiveness in one direction. So I want to explore the issue further. We'll spend the next month gathering public opinion on some of the top rated content management systems... "

Read the full article HERE.
GamePC: Intel Pentium 4 "Northwood" 2.0A GHz Processor Posted Monday, January 7, 2002 @ 5:24 PM by mayhem
It was just over a year ago that Intel launched their first Pentium 4 processors at 1.4 and 1.5 GHz. At the time of their launch, AMD's "Thunderbird" processors were just hitting 1.1 GHz, so the extra clock speed gave the Pentium 4 an incredible marketing advantage over AMD. While the Pentium 4 had the fastest clock speed at the time of the launch, AMD quickly released new speed grades of the Thunderbird. While basically matching the Pentium 4 on a performance level, albeit not even close on a clock-to-clock level. In the minds of many gamers, the Pentium 4 was considered an immediate flop. Those of who knew how the P4 architecture worked realized that there was plenty of performance to gain in the future.

Full review is available here at www.gamepc.com.
LinuxFreak: First mention of Linux by Linus Torvalds, Oct 5, 1991 Posted Monday, January 7, 2002 @ 11:44 AM by mayhem
Yes... I know this is old news, but a large sum of people still have not read this.. what is it? well, its the annoucement of Linux by Linus Torvalds in October, 1991 Read it here.

"As I mentioned a month(?) ago, I'm working on a free version of a minix-lookalike for AT-386 computers. It has finally reached the stage where it's even usable (though may not be depending on what you want), and I am willing to put out the sources for wider distribution. It is just version 0.02 (+1 (very small) patch already), but I've successfully run bash/gcc/gnu-make/gnu-sed/compress etc under it."
LinuxFreak: Lindows Desktop Screenshots Posted Sunday, January 6, 2002 @ 7:53 PM by mayhem
Desktop screenshots of the new and upcoming 'LindowsOS' are available here, the only problem is so far they only demonstrate what looks to be Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word and Lotus, which leads to the question, what about Linux/X applications?
Slashdot: Linux Virus Alert Posted Sunday, January 6, 2002 @ 7:51 PM by mayhem
marcjw writes: "I don't see many of these (Linux virus alerts). In fact none in the six months or so since I've switched from MS. Maybe that's why this story from newsbytes caught my eye. At any rate, I'm not sure if this poses much of a threat to the general Linux community but it's always best to be forewarned."
LinuxLookup: VMware 3.0 Workstation for Linux Review Posted Sunday, January 6, 2002 @ 7:48 PM by mayhem
Here it is, Mark has done the first review of 2002.

"I have been using this application for the few remaining Windows applications I haven't been able to run under Linux. Thankfully, that list is getting shorter... But for those few Windows applications that are a must have, I have been extremely happy with VMware's ability to fool Windows into thinking it is running on a Wintel box. I can get full use of all of the peculiarites that Windows brings to its desktop, albiet a little slower. No, make that much slower."

Full review can be found here at www.linuxlookup.com.
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre9 Patch Available Posted Sunday, January 6, 2002 @ 7:44 PM by mayhem
You can download the 2.5.2-pre9 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Russell King: large ARM update
- Adam Richter et al: more kdev_t updates

- Greg KH: USB updates
- various: kdev_t updates
- Al Viro: more bread()/filesystem cleanups

- Jeff Garzik: fix up loop and md for struct kdev_t typechecking
- Jeff Garzik: improved old-tulip network driver
- Arnaldo: more scsi driver bio updates
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
- various: kdev_t updates
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre6 Patch Available Posted Wednesday, January 2, 2002 @ 9:56 AM by mayhem
You can download the 2.5.2-pre6 Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Davide Libenzi: nicer timeslices for scheduler
- Arnaldo: wd7000 scsi driver cleanups and bio update
- Greg KH: USB update (including initial 2.0 support)
- me: strict typechecking on "kdev_t"
LinuxSecurity: The OpenAntivirus Project Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2002 @ 3:44 AM by mayhem
OpenAntiVirus is a platform for people seriously interested in anti-virus research, network security and computer security to communicate with each other, to develop solutions for various security problems, and to develop new security technologies. Moreover, OpenAntiVirus will also provide an integrative platform for different developing projects related to virus protection and computer security already existing within the Open Source Community.

It is intended as a co-operation and communication platform for working together, sharing ideas, or re-using existing code. Man power is limited and a KDE-vs-GNOME-ish war between projects won't improve security. Of course competition is welcome and in the end the users will decide which solution fits their requirements best.

Communication will be done mostly via mailing lists. Home of the OpenAntiVirus Project is www.openantivirus.org. Other facilities of communication will be announced as soon as they are available.

Click here to go to this article.
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre5 Patch Available Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2002 @ 3:38 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.2-pre5 Linux Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Dave Jones: more merging, fix up last merge..
- release to sync with Dave
Linux Kernel 2.5.2-pre4 Patch Available Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2002 @ 3:37 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.2-pre4 Linux Kernel patch from here, changelog:
- Jens Axboe: more bio updates, fix some request list bogosity under load
- Al Viro: export seq_xxx functions
- Manfred Spraul: include file cleanups, pc110pad compile fix
- David Woodhouse: fix JFFS2 write error handling
- Dave Jones: start merging up with 2.4.x patches
- Manfred Spraul: coredump fixes, FS event counter cleanups
- me: fix SCSI CD-ROM sectorsize BIO breakage