August 2001

New Site Feature: RDF Posted Friday, August 31, 2001 @ 1:39 AM by mayhem
Well as promised I hacked apart the RDF parsing script and now we can link to any RDF file given by a full url. You will now notice that we have the on the right hand side to go with the on the left hand side. Hopefully these will not cause too much of a performance issue and will help people out alot, any comments are more than welcome, you can email with any tips, queries, or problems.

Also I have noticed that a couple of the BASH JOKES take up a wider area than given and make the layout distort, as I find these they will be removed, but I would like to replace them, so if you have any that could be used please email them to me, and please report any problems to my email also.
phpMyAdmin Posted Thursday, August 30, 2001 @ 11:47 PM by mayhem
Anyone running a MySQL database on their linux box is recommended to have a look at this nifty little program (well php scripts) to control MySQL Admin via your web-browser, it is especially a good idea for those of you who might not be console happy :), if you would like to know more then please read the information here or phpMyAdmin homepage.
Upgrading Your Kernel Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001 @ 4:16 PM by mayhem
Well I finally got around to upgrading the kernel on my Linuxbox from 2.2.14-50 to 2.2.19, in the process I wrote a rather simple how-to so that people (like me) who have never done it before may have a simple guide to follow. The information has been added to the sections of the site, on the left "Sections" you will see "Kernel Upgrading" or you can go directly to the information here:Kernel Upgrading.
Resetting Your BIOS Password Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001 @ 2:18 PM by mayhem
Well just about everyone knows how to reset there BIOS password on a desktop machine (simply connect a jumper boot, remove jumper and reboot again), but today at work I had to work out how to do it on a Toshiba laptop.

After ringing Toshiba they said the only way was to bring it to a service centre with proof of purchase and they would do it for us, NO THANKS. So I searched on the net for a while until I found some relevant information, it seems that the parallel port is what is used and you have to connect a sequence of pins in order for it to work (i.e. reset the BIOS) simply connect pins: 1-5-10, 2-11, 3-17, 4-12, 6-16, 7-13, 8-14, 9-15 and 18-25 (18 to 25 should already be connected for grounding). To do this just grab an old printer cable and strip the DB25 plug and twist the cables together, plug it in and boot the machine, and there you have it no more password.
Pentium 4 2.0GHz Review @ Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001 @ 9:41 AM by mayhem
Acid from has just released his review of the new Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz CPU, with information and benchmarks alongside a 1.4GHz AMD. You will be very happy to know that the AMD kept up in alot of the tests, unfortunately I don't think any overclocking on the P4 was tried. The review is well worth a read and you can find it here.
New Site Feature: RDF Parser Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001 @ 1:07 AM by mayhem
Well I finally found a nice PHP coded RDF Parser, so you will now notice that on the left hand side of the site there is a news table, this may be changed to other sites such as:,, etc depending on how it goes. Please note that I am currently modifying the script and there may be an error here and there, please bare with me.

The main idea for this was after trying out phpWeblog on my machine at home I got back into the whole RDF thing and decided it was about time that our site used it :).
New Site Feature: Bash Jokes Posted Sunday, August 26, 2001 @ 5:16 PM by mayhem
Since there is alot of humor and jokes going around because of Linux's 10th birthday, I thought it might be a good idea to add some humour to our site. On the right hand side you will now notice under the Polls table that there is a "BASH JOKES" section, this is a list of quite a few bash jokes randomly selected when the page loads.

If anyone would like to submit some bash jokes then please send them to and I will add them to the list, currently have aboue 30 or so and trying to increase the number.
Trustix 1.2 Posted Wednesday, August 22, 2001 @ 6:59 PM by xtracable
I just came across an intresting article about a linux distro that I hadnt heard of Trustix - Secure Linux. It is basically a stripped down version of RedHat 6.x with a heavy focus on Security. It installs with a bare number of services running and replaces insecure applications like sendmail with there secure counterparts postfix.
If you after a really secure system then it might be worth a look!
Trustix 1.2
OpenBSD Guide Posted Wednesday, August 22, 2001 @ 12:04 AM by mayhem
Liam from was written a rather informative guide to setting up OpenBSD as your cable internet router. Assuming you already have OpenBSD installed on your machine it walks you through all the necessary steps in setting up this secure OS from the BSD family. For anyone considering the move from Linux to BSD (or anyone interested) then I recommend reading it here (it is also available in the Articles section of this site).
Mandrake Linux 8.1-Beta1 Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2001 @ 10:53 PM by xtracable
Well I was just found out that Linux Mandrake 8.1 beta was made available, it looks quite good well worth a look. From Mandrake website "The Beta1 of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 8.1 for x86 has hit the mirrors. Sticking to the path opened by the 8.0 version, Mandrake Linux 8.1 Beta 1 provides a bunch of innovations, more user-friendly and amazing tools, and, as always with a Mandrake distribution, highly up-to-date software. Please help us to release a great 8.1: Download, Test and Report bugs!"

Excite@Home May Have To Call It Quits Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2001 @ 11:23 AM by mayhem
On my daily seesion of slashdot reading I came across this article: "C|net has a story (printer friendly version, of course) that just cropped up this morning about Excite@Home being in financial trouble. Will they befall the same fate as Covad and Loki? Good thing I just purchased my cable modem and broadband service through @Home last week so they could go out of business the next."

Does this mean that we might loose Optus@Home cable in Australia? I hope not. I for one could not handle going back to dial-up and with Telstra's 3GB a month limit the only path I can see is RequestDSL.
PCCaseGear Dual Neon Review Posted Saturday, August 18, 2001 @ 6:55 PM by mayhem
Well thanks to James Cameron at PCCaseGear we have just done a review on a great new neon product. This is a dual 9" neon kit and the review is available here, for anyone thinking about case modding or those of you who have a window kit this is a must read.

Also the LCD Review has been updated since I have had time to make the cabling fit better and have photos of the new back cover where the serial cable now goes through.
Linux@Home RC5 Team Posted Friday, August 17, 2001 @ 9:01 PM by mayhem
Well finally the Linux@Home RC5 Team is up and running, it has all been setup and verified. All the information you will need is available here, from how to download and setup your client through to statistics information.

Anyone running a Linux gateway is recommended to sign up as it is a worthy cause. If you would like to run a similar program on your Windows machine then I recommend you join the AusForum Cancer Cure Team, information for that is available here.
Linux kernel 2.4.9 released Posted Friday, August 17, 2001 @ 1:54 PM by mayhem
Vaempyr writes: "Less than a week since linux kernel 2.4.8 was shunted out the door, 2.4.9 follows. See for details and downloads; slashdot has info too.
Linux Turns 10 @ Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2001 @ 12:29 AM by mayhem
"The IBM PC may be 20 years old, but they're not the only ones with a birthday coming up. Check out for an invitation to a birthday party on August 25 for the Linux kernel. The big bash is in Sunnyvale, just down the peninsula from the San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo, but there are also links to local parties around the globe (or if there are none near you, plan your own and add it to the list)."
Quake 4 Announced Posted Saturday, August 11, 2001 @ 5:05 PM by mayhem
At QuakeCon 2001 (yesterday 10th August) it was announced that Id Software and Raven Software will be joining forces on Quake 4. Along with this Id Software and Nerve Software will also be working on two upcoming projects (Multiplayer for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and a second but untitled project). All the information regarding these projects is available here. Quake 4 will be based on Id softwares latested technology - the doom engine.

I don't know about anyone else, but Quake 4 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein will definately be on my list of games to buy.
Linux 2.4.8 is out and available for download Posted Saturday, August 11, 2001 @ 4:45 PM by mayhem
A new stable Linux kernel has just been released, 2.4.8, make sure you read the changelog and download the tarball to keep your box upto date, alternatively you can visit for more information regarding this release.
RedHat 7.2 Beta: Roswell Posted Monday, August 6, 2001 @ 4:15 PM by mayhem
"It has come to our attention that rumors are floating regarding the appearance of a Red Hat Linux beta release, named ROSWELL. We would like to reassure you that there is nothing of the sort.

No other object has been misidentified as a Red Hat Linux beta release more often than Rawhide. Rawhide was updated just recently. Reporters probably thought they saw something on an FTP site other than Rawhide, but we assure you, it was Rawhide.

For more information please visit the official RedHat article here.
Lost Universe Posted Wednesday, August 1, 2001 @ 11:36 PM by mayhem
Well for anyone that visits Lost Universe ( on a regular basis would have noticed that the site is not up at the moment, the reason for this is that their host (Atomic Rhino Network) has decided to change its free hosting plans and require a minimum of 3,000 unique hits a day on the site. Due to a slow period LU wasn't quite making that limit (averaging 1,500-2,000 hits) and as a result have had their site deleted.

The real big problem is that no warning was emailed or sent to any member of the site and their entire MySQL database backend was deleted without a chance of backup.

I for one would like to help Moleman and the crew out as much as possible in any way that I can and I urge you if you have any helpful ideas to help get the site back up, please support them and send an email to