September 2005

OpenOffice 1.1.5 Released Posted Thursday, September 22, 2005 @ 8:55 PM by mayhem
New stable release of OpenOffice has been released. Download OpenOffice 1.1.5 from (Source: Slashdot)
Developing Firefox Extensions with GNU/Linux Posted Sunday, September 11, 2005 @ 11:58 AM by mayhem
Ars Technica has a lengthy but useful introduction to developing Firefox extensions with GNU/Linux. This guide comes hot on the heels of the RC for Beta 1 of Firefox. The article is a little more thorough than necessary, but I can't complain about anything that spurs Firefox development." From the article: "What can you do with a Firefox Extension? Firefox extensions can modify the Firefox user interface. This includes adding buttons to tool bars and menus; changing fonts, colors, and icons; capturing events in the client interface like page loads and clicks; and modifying web pages after the browser loads them and before the user sees them. All of this functionality comes with the aspect-oriented facility of overlays. Extensions also have as much access to the file system as the user running Firefox. Extensions can add protocol handlers, hooking actions to URLs like icq://, aim://, or stantz://. Extensions have UniversalXPConnect privileges, allowing them to harness any XPCOM component. Firefox comes with a rich library of XPCOM components that permit your extension to drive very low-level functionality like sockets from Javascript. You can also augment the XPCOM library with Firefox extensions by adding Javascript, linkable libraries, or XPIDL. (Source: Slashdot)
GNOME 2.12 Released Posted Thursday, September 8, 2005 @ 10:27 PM by mayhem
At long last, Gnome 2.12 has been released! Among the many new features are clipboard management, a menu editor, an improved search tool, and a spatial-tree view in Nautilus. Check out the start page for more info. (Source: Slashdot)