October 2002

Linux Kernel 2.4.20-rc1 Now Available For Download Posted Wednesday, October 30, 2002 @ 11:45 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.20-rc1 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Linus says 2.6 kernel will be out by June 2003 Posted Sunday, October 27, 2002 @ 12:52 PM by mayhem
C|Net reports that Linus Torvalds predicts 2.6 will be out by June next year during a talk on his Geek Cruise. Linus called the next release '2.6', but knowing him that may be just a working title;). Rob Landley has published the latest list of features being considered for inclusion"in the new kernel; ... the long and impressive list is available in more or less human readable form on Linux and Main. (Source: Slashdot)
AusForum Down Posted Thursday, October 24, 2002 @ 6:26 PM by mayhem
Well it seems that AusForum.com is down, apparantly the MySQL database is either down or not working. Its a pity to see the site down, hopefully it should be up again soon. Will keep you all posted. UPDATE: Apparantly there were troubles with server, it seemed to have "exploded", but all is well now.
Chrysler Adopts Linux For Vehicle Simulations Posted Tuesday, October 22, 2002 @ 10:13 AM by mayhem
According to this ComputerWorld article, Chrysler is adopting Linux for vehicle crash testing. According to the article, 'the new system is expected to improve simulation performance by 20%, while saving about 40% in costs....' (Source: Slashdot)
Linux 3.0 Posted Tuesday, October 22, 2002 @ 10:12 AM by mayhem
In a post to the kernel mailing list, Rob Landley, sitting in for the floating Linus, cracks the whip over what will be in Linux 3.0. His orders are on Linux and main. (Source: Slashdot)
Two Reviews of Debian 3.0 Posted Tuesday, October 22, 2002 @ 12:10 AM by mayhem
Debian Planet features a review of Debian 3.0 from a user's perspective. Time for a reality check, debianistas. Also Linuxwatch.org has posted their review of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 Woody. 'The package managment system is nice and easy to use. But the lack of good configuration and installation takes that all away from Debian.' (Source: Slashdot)
Linux Kernel 2.5.44 Now Available For Download Posted Saturday, October 19, 2002 @ 2:23 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.44 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Linux Kernel 2.4.20-pre11 Now Available For Download Posted Saturday, October 19, 2002 @ 2:22 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.20-pre11 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Linux Kernel 2.5.43 Now Available For Download Posted Saturday, October 19, 2002 @ 2:22 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.43 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Mozilla 1.2 Beta Released Posted Friday, October 18, 2002 @ 9:42 AM by mayhem
Mozilla 1.2 Beta is out. Typeahead now works on Mac and Java now works on Jaguar. On Linux, the classic theme now picks up GTK native theme. See the release notes for more info. (Source: Slashdot)
Opera Software Brings Its Browser to Mobile Phones Posted Thursday, October 17, 2002 @ 1:02 PM by mayhem
Now this is cool! Opera Software has presented a technology today that solves the problems of web pages on small screens. They have created a small-screen HTML rendering technique that slightly reformats web pages to fit within the bounds of small displays. Some screenshots can be found here along with extra details as to how they do it. A full press release can be found here. As a result, horizontal scrollbars are not needed, and it even features zooming abilities for magnifying web pages. (Source: Slashdot)
What To Expect From KDE 3.1 Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @ 4:26 PM by mayhem
As most of you desktop users already know, the KDE Project recently released KDE 3.1beta2, which will be the final development release before KDE 3.1. The good news is, KDE 3.1 is scheduled for release in just a few weeks. The following page gives a nice overview about what is coming with many screenshots. It will certainly be the best KDE ever. (Source: Slashdot)
The End Of Minix? Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @ 4:25 PM by mayhem
Minix is best known as the Unix clone for x86 that inspired Linus Torvalds to write one himself. It's pretty much dropped off the map since. The latest patch for XFree86's xterm drops support for Minix. As the changelog notes, 'Juliusz Chroboczek noted it was removed from XFree86 server; there have been no users since 1996. (Source: Slashdot)
OpenSSH 3.5 Released Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @ 4:23 PM by mayhem
Markus Friedl announces that OpenSSH 3.5 has just been released with notable updates since 3.4. It will be available from the mirrors listed at http://www.openssh.com/ shortly. Enhancements include bug fixes, improved support for Privilege Separation (Portability, Kerberos, PermitRootLogin handling), RSA blinding in order to avoid timing attacks against the RSA host key and much more. Congratulations are in order for the OpenSSH team's hard work and efforts. (Source: Slashdot)
Start-up Offers Linux server For Non-Geeks Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2002 @ 2:26 PM by mayhem
UK start-up Jool has launched a complete open source web server starting at under £800 aimed at those without Linux skills who want to move away from Microsoft or Sun Microsystems.

The company spent three years developing its server range. The hardware and Linux-based NetServ software series models are designed to overcome a major stumbling block for Linux: that administrators need either Unix or Linux knowledge to configure and run a Linux system.

As well as being a web server, file and print server and mail server, the NetServ systems can act as low-cost replacements for Windows servers running a network of Windows desktops...

Complete story is available here. (Source: Linux Today)
Windows vs Linux On Security Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2002 @ 12:25 AM by mayhem
NewsFactor is running an article asking weather Linux really is more secure that Windows. I'd say that they miss to point out that Microsofts Office suite combined with VBA scripting makes Windows more insecure than anything I've ever seen, but they do make some good points, especially when discussing Open Source and security. (Source: Slashdot)
Linux Kernel 2.5.42 Now Available For Download Posted Saturday, October 12, 2002 @ 7:00 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.42 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE Posted Friday, October 11, 2002 @ 12:15 PM by mayhem
FreeBSD 4.7 is out. Here is the announcement. New items include an option for IPFW2, a number of disk controller updates, security updates, and some changes to userland. Remember, please use a mirror." Among other things, the release announcement says: "FreeBSD 4.7 also incorporates all of the security and bug fixes from 4.6.2 (released in August 2002), including several ATA-related bugfixes, updates for OpenSSL and OpenSSH, and fixes to address several security advisories." And here are the release notes. (Source: Slashdot)
ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support For UnitedLinux Posted Thursday, October 10, 2002 @ 12:55 PM by mayhem
(Hong Kong - October 11, 2002) ShaoLin Microsystems Limited, a Linux-based systems and solutions developer, today announced that ShaoLin Aptus will support the soon released UnitedLinux. The general release of UnitedLinux is expected to be publicly available in open by the end of Q4 2002. ShaoLin is supportive of the industry efforts to develop a business-focus Linux for the enterprise. "In cooperation with The SCO Group, ShaoLin Microsystems will continue to provide solutions to further expand Linux-based file systems, software, and network management solutions." said David Chow, Managing Director of ShaoLin Microsystems.

ShaoLin Aptus, a simplified and fit client network architecture-based Linux desktop deployment and management solution, enables to turn a fat client PC network into a "Fit Client" network, a powerful hybrid combining the central management and reliability of thin clients with the performance and flexibility of fat client PC's. As a cluster-like network, ShaoLin Aptus enables to manage configuration files, utilize shared system resources, and creates central management and data consistency across all workstations.
Linux Kernel 2.4.20-pre10 Now Available For Download Posted Thursday, October 10, 2002 @ 12:25 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.20-pre10 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Red Hat 8.0 For KDE Users (And Newbies) Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2002 @ 1:22 AM by mayhem
OSNews has been giving quite a bit of bandwidth to Red Hat's newest offering lately. This article, which generated quite a bit of controversy in the comments section, detailed a new user's 'frustrations' with the new release. The latest article, written by yours truly, is rather lengthy, explaining such things as adding 3D drivers, missing MP3 functionality, DVD decoding, using APT with RHL, and customizing Red Hat's modified KDE. At the end, I wrap up with my impression -- as a simple user -- of this 'crippled' KDE implementation. Of course, you can also check out this story, which takes a look at RH 8.0 from 'Joe and Jane User's' perspective. (Source: Slashdot)
Xbox Receives Linux Mandrake 9.0 Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2002 @ 1:20 AM by mayhem
Today the Xbox Linux Project announced that Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 has been released. This is the first complete Linux distribution for the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. A 350 MB installation CD of Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 is available for download free of charge from the Xbox Linux website. (Source: Slashdot)
Linux Kernel 2.5.41 Now Available For Download Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2002 @ 1:17 AM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.5.41 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Review of SuSE 8.1 Professional Posted Tuesday, October 8, 2002 @ 11:41 AM by mayhem
SuSE 8.1 is out and it seems to be the main competitor of Red Hat 8. OSNews has the review of its Professional version. The new SuSE 8.1 seems to be sleekier and more powerful than ever. (Source: Slashdot)
Linux Kernel 2.4.20-pre9 Now Available For Download Posted Monday, October 7, 2002 @ 5:52 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.4.20-pre9 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
SCALE Draws Linux Users, Developers and Professionals to Los Angeles Posted Monday, October 7, 2002 @ 5:45 PM by mayhem
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LINUX EXPO: We are bringing businesses, academic institutions and the Linux community together in a way that no other conference does!

The first annual Southern California Linux Expo, presented by the USC, UCLA , and Simi-Conejo Linux User Groups will be held November 2nd at USC. This event will provide new insight in the growing technological Linux community and where it is headed. This operating system created by a grass roots effort has grow robust enough to be embraced by companies such as Sun and IBM. The Southern California Linux Expo will contain a blend of business leaders and technical experts that are required to truely understand where Linux is at and where it will be in 5 years.

More information is available here, Poster in PDF format is available here.
Hercules 3D Prophet 9000 Pro 64MB Review Posted Sunday, October 6, 2002 @ 1:12 AM by mayhem
Recently we were given the opportunity to review the Hercules 3D Prophet 9000 Pro 64MB that is yet to be released in Australia, after doing a mini review on the ATi Radeon 9700 Pro it was interesting to see what the budget marketed card could do. You can find our full review here.
The case for Linux in universities Posted Friday, October 4, 2002 @ 2:11 PM by mayhem
This is more of a white-paper-ish article than a news story. "I work at a company which designs and manufactures networking test equipment based on Linux. Every term, I hire a Los Angeles college student or grad for a programming internship, and am often dismayed to find they lack adequate exposure to Linux. This causes me to spend precious weeks bringing them up to speed. Recently, out of frustration, I wrote the CS department of one large Los Angeles university, asking why their graduates generally knew so little about Linux."

Full article available here. (Source: NewsForge)
KDE 3.1beta2 Released Posted Friday, October 4, 2002 @ 2:08 PM by mayhem
In addition to the large number of new features previously announced in the KDE 3.1alpha1 press release, the principal new features and enhancements in KDE 3.1beta2 include:

  • a new Exchange 2000 plugin for the calendar / scheduling application (KOrganizer);
  • a desktop-sharing client server (KRfb) and client (KRdc) compatible with VNC;
  • support for common Microsoft character symbols (TM, bullet, smart quotes, etc.) in the HTML rendering engine (KHTML);
  • a file browser (Konqueror) plugin for displaying and/or setting meta-information about JPEG images (comments) and digital camera (extended information);
  • numerous enhancements to the translation tool (KBabel), such as mailing .PO files, a tag structure tool, rough translations in the catalog manager and automatic updates of the .PO header comment; and
  • public key authentication support for kio_sftp [work in progress]...

    Full announcement is available here. (Source: Linux Today)
    upload.linuxathome.net Posted Thursday, October 3, 2002 @ 10:21 AM by mayhem
    Well I have been working on a new script for the web sites that I run, its basically an upload script so people can use our webspace for temporary hosting of relevant pictures.

    The URL is: http://upload.linuxathome.net/

    This is mainly aimed at people who want to show there desktop, a pic of there system, anything they have for sale, etc. Since we have some spare bandwidth I thought it would be a good service to provide, but DON'T ABUSE IT as it will be immediately removed.

    For the moment the two extended features of retrieving from a URL or deleting a file have been password protected.

    Enjoy and please give me feedback: mayhem@linuxathome.net
    AMD to unveil 2700+ and 2800+ processors Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2002 @ 3:23 PM by mayhem
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will roll out its fastest processors yet, the Athlon XP 2800+ and 2700+, during a news conference on Tuesday, according to sources close to the company. The new chips, in addition to running at higher frequencies than the current top-of-the-line 2600+, will feature a 333MHz front side bus, which should enable the 2800+ to perform about 10 percent faster than the 2600+ with its 266MHz front side bus.

    AMD, of Sunnyvale, Calif., moved up the launch date from mid-October, sources said, to give it "breathing room" to promote its chips before rival Intel Corp. releases its 3GHz Pentium 4 late next month, as well as to assure that computer makers feature the chips in their high-end PCs during holiday promotions.

    However, the fourth-quarter outlook for both chip makers, who have continued to suffer from sluggish sales, is not very bright right now, said market analyst Jonathan Joseph of Salomon Smith Barney in San Francisco.

    "We expect some seasonal uptick, but it's not going to be as strong a pickup in sales as we've traditionally seen during the holiday season," Joseph said.

    AMD will also tout its True Performance Initiative during the Webcast, a program it launched in October 2001 that aims to promote the use of benchmarks rather than processor frequencies to compare its chips to other products, specifically Intel's Pentium 4. Currently, the fastest Pentium 4 running at 2.8GHz operates about 700MHz faster than the 2.1GHz Athlon XP 2600+, but that frequency gap is misleading, AMD and industry analysts have said.

    Full story available here. (Source: AusPCWorld)
    Linux vs. Windows: The rematch Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2002 @ 3:11 PM by mayhem
    You might be pretty happy with Windows XP. But Windows continues to suffer from more than its share of drawbacks ... The question for PC users, of course, is what's the alternative? When we last looked at Linux, it was still rough around the edges. Two years later, we can't say that Linux is better than Windows on all these counts, but Linux has matured. To find out whether it's finally ready for the average PC user, we looked at SuSE Linux 8.0 Professional.

    Full article is available here. (Source: NewsForge)
    Linux Kernel 2.5.40 Now Available For Download Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2002 @ 11:49 AM by mayhem
    You can now download the 2.5.40 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
    ATi's All In Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2002 @ 5:07 PM by mayhem
    ATi has taken the wraps off their latest Swiss Army Knife 3D Graphics Card with TV Tuner and Remote Control capabilities, that rival most discrete solutions. The All In Wonder Radeon 9700Pro packs a ton of A/V features and is driven by their new R300 VPU. HotHardware has a look at this new beast and all its bells and whistles, right here. (Source: Slashdot)
    Red Hat Releases Red Hat Linux 8.0 Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2002 @ 12:17 AM by mayhem
    September 30, 2002óRed Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT) today released Red Hat Linux 8.0, a highly versatile operating system designed for personal and small business computing. Red Hat Linux 8.0 combines leading-edge Linux technologies with a new graphical look and feel that offers users a polished, easy-to-use operating environment.

    "Red Hat Linux 8.0 is the perfect choice for small businesses and enthusiasts looking for a reliable, easy-to-use operating system with the latest productivity applications," said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of Engineering, Red Hat. "This is a major step forward for users of traditional operating systems who have been looking for an easier-to-use, more versatile open source solution."

    Red Hat Linux 8.0 delivers enhanced productivity tools and an updated graphical interface that combine to create an easy-to-use operating environment for today's personal and professional users. Key features of the latest release include:

  • New Red Hat BluecurveTM: Conveniently organized, user-friendly desktop with numerous graphical enhancements and icons.
  • OpenOffice.org: Most advanced open source office suite.
  • Robust suite of configuration tools: Tools to set up configurations for several system services and settings, including firewall, peripherals, Apache, Samba, and small network settings.
  • Personal firewall tool: Graphical tool to easily customize your security settings.
  • Red Hat Network integration: Point-and-click utilities to monitor and integrate existing updates for your system.
  • Upgraded core components: Updated C compiler, toolchain, and kernel deliver the latest Linux technologies.
  • Web server powered by Apache 2.0: Powerful, flexible, secure open source Web server that powers the Internet.
  • New accessibility features: GUI support for Braille and mobility-limited language interfaces.

    The main download site (ftp.redhat.com) is getting hammered at the moment, if you want to download the massive five (5) CD set then I really recommend using Planetmirror instead:

    Planetmirror Download Links: MD5SUMS, CD1, CD2, CD3, CD4, CD5.