October 2005

A Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD Kernel Posted Monday, October 17, 2005 @ 9:17 PM by mayhem
An article at OpenSolaris examines three of the basic subsystems of the kernel and compares implementation between Solaris 10, Linux 2.6, and FreeBSD 5.3. From the article: 'Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux are obviously benefiting from each other. With Solaris going open source, I expect this to continue at a faster rate. My impression is that change is most rapid in Linux. The benefits of this are that new technology has a quick incorporation into the system. (Source: Slashdot)
First Look at GIMP 2.4 Posted Sunday, October 9, 2005 @ 10:17 PM by mayhem
Newsforge (ed: part of the OSTG family) is running a story that gives a first look at the next version of GIMP." From the article: " A major update to the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), widely regarded as the leading free software raster image editing program, is scheduled for this month. The 2.4 release is expected to include a number of new features and enhancements to existing features ... The first thing most users will notice about 2.4 is the addition of three new tools to the palette: the Align tool, the Foreground Extraction tool, and a new 'Simple' Rectangle Selector. The Align tool lets you vertically and horizontally align image layers -- a task you had to perform manually before. You can align an image to any edge or the center, specify an offset in any direction, and adjust vertical and horizontal alignment separately. (Source: Slashdot)
MySQL To Be Ikea Of The Database Market Posted Sunday, October 9, 2005 @ 4:00 PM by mayhem
While new entrants into the open source database market, such as EnterpriseDB and Pervasive Software, have made no secret of their intentions to chase Oracle's market share, Mr Mickos said MySQL is happy to leave them to it. 'We are thankful that they are there to define the market, there is no product if you're the only vendor,' he said. "Pervasive and EnterpriseDB are going up against Oracle. We don't want to be in that space, we don't want to take the heat from Oracle. If you're working in a zoo you don't want to be the one who has to brush the teeth of the lion.'

Read more here. (Source: Slashdot)
Linux Kernel 2.6.14-rc3 Now Available For Download Posted Sunday, October 9, 2005 @ 3:45 PM by mayhem
You can now download the 2.6.14-rc3 Linux Kernel from here, or any of the www.kernel.org mirrors here, full changelog information is available here.
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 Released Posted Sunday, October 9, 2005 @ 3:42 PM by mayhem
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 is now available for download. Also known as the 1.8 Beta 5 milestone, this is the last beta release of the next major Firefox update and is aimed at testers, extension/theme authors and Web developers. The final release of Firefox 1.5, which will be widely promoted to end-users, is scheduled for later this year.

"This release does not contain any major new features since Beta 1. Improvements to automated update system, Web site rendering and performance, along with several security fixes are included in this release..."

Complete story here. (Source: Linux Today)