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      Hercules 3D Prophet 9000 Pro Review

     Date:October 5th, 2002
     RRP:$389 AUS

    DVI and TV-Out:
    With most cards coming with quality TV Out these days there is not much to talk about there, but DVI on the other hand is a rather handy feature to have, especially with new games coming out with multiple monitor support.

    By running two monitors you have a couple of choices, you can duplicate your desktop (sometimes this may be useful) but the most popular is the stretching of your desktop across the two monitors. By stretching the desktop you will notice the main benefit in graphics applications or design applications where you need a large work area, another great reason for doing this is that you can have programs running (e.g. ICQ, IRC, COOLMON, WINAMP etc) and viewable while your playing games, this allows you to keep an eye on system performance etc.

    Since the card comes with ramsinks you think it will be have decent overclockability, well this is definitely the case. We managed to easily get the card to run flawlessly with both memory and core running at 300MHz (others have got even higher, 325/310, which is a rather impressive increase).

    By overclocking the system roughly 10% we manage to squeeze out and average of 200 3DMarks from the card, this means with a slight CPU and slight video card overclock you can get upto 500 extra 3DMarks out of a similar spec system, that is rather decent for a budget based graphics card and small hardware overclock that can be done in a matter of minutes.

    With the superior vertex and pixel shading capabilities of the Radeon chips, the Radeon 9000 Pro can easily outperform the GeForce 4 MX in DirectX 8 applications. The newly implemented features and full DirectX 8.1 support make the 9000 Pro a great card for todays gaming market.

    The only disappointment from this card is the fact it was out performed by a Radeon 8500LE which makes you think what has been done to make this happen. In reality the performance drop isn't substantial, but its by the same margin the 9000 Pro is ahead of the GeForce 4 MX.

    Well overall the 3D Prophet 9000 Pro performs rather well, as you would expect from an ATi based graphics card, nVidia sure do have some competition on their hands, which is good to see as this should mean overall price drops and better cards coming out in the future (just look at the Radeon 9700 Pro based ATi card and the soon to be released NV30 based nVidia cards).

    Surprisingly enough the Hercules 3D Prophet 900 Pro is the only Radeon 9000 based card on the market to have the option for 128MB memory.


    • Memory cooling with ramsinks
    • DVI and TV out
    • Hercules Blue PCB
    • Overclockability
    • Doesn't require additional power


    • Price is a little high

    With this card due for release in the next few months it should be something to look out for. The 128MB is at $429, and the 64MB which has not yet been released yet should be at $389.

    We would like to say thankyou to Jean-Francois Galle from Guillemot Australian for supplying us with this 3D Prophet 9000 Pro. To find out more information on the range of products that Hercules have then please visit their website,

    Score: 9 / 10

    FORUM: Talk about this and other products


      Supplier Information


    Hercules Australia (a division of the Guillemot Corporation) have a wide variety of computer gaming and multimedia products from the Graphics cards to Sound Cards, TV cards and also gaming equipment, they are one of the leading brands in todays rapid computer technology market. If you would like more information on the company then please visit there site:, alternatively if you would like to browse the Hercules product line then you can visit there Australian site:

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